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我公司在2003年曾获得了陶瓷筛辊专利。(实用新型专利号为: ZL 02 2 88876.4

CVIC has over 35 years of experience producing ceramic roller screen rolls, which is one of our exclusive patented products. 

Patent Registration No.: ZL 02 2 88876.4

It has been recognized as the high-tech product by the Department of Science and Technology of Hebei Province, China. 

It has a number of characteristics, for example, high strength, substantial wear resistance, non-magnetic, non-stick, lightweight and corrosion resistant, etc. It is one of the ideal choices for roller screens. 

我公司在2013年获得了耐磨陶瓷衬板圆盘给料机的专利(实用新型专利号为: ZL 2013 2 0067985.0
CVIC's exclusive design - Abrasive Resistence Ceramic Liner Plate Disk Feeder was granted patent in 2013. 
我公司在2016年获得了平面钢筋桁架焊接设备发明专利,发明专利号:ZL 2016 1 0432827.9
我公司在2007年曾获得了圆辊筛分机专利,实用新型专利号:ZL 2005 2 0135475.8